Reset Your Mindset

For most, when medical efficiency is thought of, the main consideration is wait times and being on time, as well as getting through as many patients as possible.


The operational factors are rarely thought about, but play a key role in every aspect of the medical facility.


We all need to understand the clinic or hospital can compared to a highway in rush hour. One unnecessary tap of the breaks could affect traffic for miles in the rear view.


Here is a look at a simple change that can be made in your establishment. When we think about moving information from one place to another, we typically think about email, fax, or other types of file transfers. Something that very few of us even begin to consider the information that has to be taken from one program to another.

In today's medical field, stringent rules and security has made it difficult or impossible to use the copy and paste function. So, we are left with having to transcribe from one program to the next through manual data entry. How do we become more efficient when the main reason for our efficiency is taken away?

The answer is simple. Add a second monitor to the workstation(s). Take a look at our calculator below to see what a second monitor can do for you and your admin staff in terms of efficiency.

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