Recover Lost Time

With IMBA Medical hospitals, departments, clinics and physicians can regain control of their time by understanding where it goes. Time is money ... and when your teams understand this, payments come faster, with fewer process errors. Secure, contemporaneous communications models, note-taking, and form filling solutions also makes it possible for physicians to better collaborate within their practice teams and leverage their time. 


Physicians, hospitals, departments, and clinics that use IMBA Medical have full visibility of their day to day efficiencies - lifting the veil on how much time is spent on and in the practice in various areas. This allows you to transparently and openly make decisions that impact the efficiency of the practice on an ongoing basis. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are delivered to provide visibility.


Proactive financial reporting and information on efficiencies is the core to the benefit to IMBA Online users. It's just that simple - with daily, weekly and monthly reporting, you'll never wondering where you stand or what kinds of efficiencies and efforts lead to better results. Better yet, you'll be able to communicate those opportunities to your teams more openly.

Take Action

Now you don't have to wait months to review progress - the reports are delivered in real time so trends (positive and negative) can easily be caught and corrected. With data in-hand, along with daily, weekly and monthly reports, hospitals, clinics and physicians alike can take action on data-driven efficiency enhancements.

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