Explore, Assess and Take Action

IMBA Medical delivers a value-based solution that is outcome focused and quality driven. It is patient-centered and nimble, permitting Health Care Organizations to adapt to competitive and technology challenges in a more real-time environment. Using a collaborative approach, IMBA uses its platform, methodology and solution to add value to your Organization and Leadership team with a focus on small early wins, leading to greater value and increased collaboration, transparency and results over time.

Organizations are empowered to make data-driven efficiency decisions and implement them quickly. Our platform is designed to focus on leading activities and their indicators. The results of taking action on the overall efficiency improvement goals, which are lagging indicators of change, would be observed in the operational dashboards of the organizations.


  • Select Priorities

  • Determine Metrics for Success

  • Create regular feedback rythym


  • Teams

  • Efforts

  • Resources


  • Measure Results

  • Transparent Dashboards

  • Bias to Action

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